Bass drums sound discussion


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Your description is kind of vague. "Warm" and "Dark" may have different meanings to different people. Can you provide an example of the sound that you are trying to emulate?


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Not sure what you're after either, but here's a couple of things you can experiment with:

- Types of head used. Coated heads will tend to give a "warmer, darker" sound.

- Position and type of material cushioning against the bass head that you strike with your beater i.e. a pillow tight against it, a blanket loosely touching it, one of those professional bass drum cushions etc

- Duct tape on the bass head that you strike. Usually they are put in a triangle around the strike point on the head /_\ or you could just put the bottom strip on.

- Experiment with the tuning/pitch

- Try a different type of beater on your pedal

Basically you can go through all the factors that might effect the sound to see what makes the most positive difference.


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Reso head is important(experminent with both: ported and non-ported), too. Evans REMAD(ported) and Aquarian Regulator are the way to go in my opinion.


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I agree with the others. The sound I like for my music (mellow acoustic stuff) is a soft "boom," with a little "punch," but not much "attack." I would also describe it as both "warm" and "dark," but I don't know if that is similar to what you want or not. I use Remo Fiberskyn3 heads on both sides of my bass drum, with no port hole. I tune the heads higher than you might think and place a pillow inside that just touches the batter head. I use a Vater Vintage Bomber beater.

Name a band/song/player that has "that bass sound" you're looking for.


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You can even take it a step further.

I think everyone knows that Vinnie Paul Abbot from (Pantera, Gasoline, Damage Plan, and now Hell Yeah!) has the most distinct Kick sound in drum history.He uses a trigger & mic system (well used to) in order to take his sound on the road.

So you dont have to limit yourself to heads, beaters, beater-pads & pillows. You can use isolated internal mics, compressors, tube pre-amps, EQ's, effects & triggers to mutlti layer and design a sound all your own.

Just pack it all in a little rack with a keyboard line mixer, and run a mono or stereo out to what ever to the SoundGuy/Pa.

But your natural sound should be decided on before adding these elements. Now 'a' days companies like DW & Yamaha make Tunable Sub-Woofer extensions for the bass drum. (Those are fun)

Also a Maple kick is going to be warmer/darker and have more resonance, Birch drums are dryer and have less resonance (better for FX & Studio set ups) But it can still be adjusted by your resonance head.

(The resonance head is the single most important part-taker of a kicks sound, 2nd being the Beater type)

Hope this helps everyone really think of their options when designing their sound.



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I don't put anything inside my bass drum to muffle it. I use an Evans coated head with the built ring. I forget what it's called, exactly.


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I own many kick drums and have found that mahogany hass the deepest, darkest sound. My favorite kick is a '59 Ludwig 14x24 that just has tons of low end, a sharp attack, and a quick decay {even unmuffled}. I used to have a mahogany Slingerland 14x22 that could sound as deep as a 26" in the studio, that several producers wanted to buy from me. Another factor is actually bass drum size, and I know a lot of guys will argue and defend their 20" and 22" drums, but the fact is that a larger drum, i.e. a 24" or 26" has a lower note {usually lower than a bass guitar's open E string}, when tuned to the drum's natural pitch range.
i use 2 18"x24" bass drums on my DW kit.i use the remo powerstroke 3 batter head with the remo muffs on front eq3 reson head and batter head.thats what i use.


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EMAD 2 plys are amazing!!!!!!! I was going for that Vinnie Paul/As I Lay Dying kick sound, but with a tad bit more resonance, and the EMAD 2 delivered. But the truth is if your engineer has enough equipment and know-how, he can make an 18x16 kick sound like a 22x20 monster. Just ask Killswitch Engage.