Bass drum port


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The topic about soundmen has prompted me to start this thread...

I've always had a port in my bass drum... But the other day at a studio, I played one with now port... a smaller size Dixon drum. That thing sounded awesome.

So, playing live, can an unported bass drum be miced properly? Or does no-hole work better only for acoustic?


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one of the main reasons for the port is to put the mic up close to the batter head to pick up the attack. it helps you get that solid punch without having to worry to much about gating or anything on the board.


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On the other hand, you can also mic the front head with the usual bass drum mic and then ask the soundman to use an instrument mic like an SM57 on the batter head
It shouldn't be hard to balance the two

As far as the snare bleeding into the kick mic?
So what?
Evcery mic doesn't have to be so isolated