Bass drum muffling


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I was wondering what everyone uses to muffle their kick drum. I was just cleaning my kit after a very long time and realized the blanket that has been in the kick for about 20 years is deteriorating. Go figure. Anyway, I wanted to see what every one uses since it's been some time since I've even thought about it (obviously). All suggestions are helpful.


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I have used everything from a pillow to an old blanket. Now that we have all of this great tecnhology LOL I use an internal muffler that fits on the inside of the batter head. I must say that it works very well. Damn ...why didn't I think of that.


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I use the Evans Emad with the thicker control ring, an Aquarian reso head with an internal dampening ring on it, and a blanket that touches both batter and resonant head, but more-so the resonant head. The blanket inside touches more of the resonant head than the bass head though. And im not sure if the Flam slam pad would also dampen a head, but I use that as well on my batter head.

My kick sounds superb, so...Im convinced I have just the right amount of dampening in it. :)