bass drum head designs?


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Hey guys, I am looking to get my bands logo put on the front of my bassdrum, but haven't got a clue where to look.

Does anyone know of any good companies that do this?!

Any help will be great, thanks guys!


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hey Man, go to these guys make the custom drum heads for must of the pro-drummers from sevendust to shinedown, foo fighters. I just order one from them, BUT they are not cheap! I payed about $250 for it but it all depends on what it is, how big it is and how compoicated it is. if you have your own logo already made and all they have to do do is put it on, its like $125 but if you have to tell them and they design it, it coast more.


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I dealt with a few times. Excellent price and service.....and the owner was very cool going back and forth with me with mine and his ideas. They look a lot busier these days....but I'm sure the service would still be top notch. After all...the dude is a working drummer! They're in the Albany area....not too far from me either.