Bass drum air hole


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Hi, im really confused.

My reso kick head doesnt have a hole to let air out and it is choking my kick sound. Its a 22x18 kick, so its quite deep. Ive tuned and tweaked but i cant get the right warm pommmff, its like a dark cold clicking thud, like choked.

I was thinkin about cutting an air hole in my kick reso head.

Ive seen "holz", but how do you cut the skin to fit the holz protector? Ive seen it been done on youtube by heating a tin can up and cutting a hole with the hot edge, but it doesnt feel right to do that.

Help, please?


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deff its just smarter to go buy a new head, cutting it could seriously damage the head which would force you in the end to go buy a new head. so it would be a little safer to go to your local music store and just buy a head with a hole most of them have one.


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uhm .. my vent got cut just before a show by putting an ashtray on it and using a cutter knife ... well not the sort of nice cutting I must admit. There are compasses with a cutter.


It comes with a template....use a razor and cut it, i've done it a grip and never had a problem.........the best advice I've ever got from a sound man once when i was young was "CUT A HOLE IN YOUR FUCKING KICK DRUM" and "TUNE YOUR SNARE TO A FUCKING CRACK"


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I cut a hole around me Zil-Bel (6") right in the middle of my bass drum and man does that thing boom!

All u need to do is mag a fair cut with an exact-o knife and sand the rough edges inside.

Works like a charm