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yeh so , i seem to have a bit of a problem with snare rolls, like rudiments , im self thought (and i cant spell so bare with me) and ive never ever learned how to roll proparly anyone got any youtube videos or something along those lines i could learn off of


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When I teach young kids to roll, I start with this exercise. It really works, but you must take the time and do it correctly.

First, basic posture. Here are my rules for all kids I teach

Hands slightly above belly button height (about one hand width up)
Elbows slightly out
Sticks at a 90 degree angle in the horizontal (I don't say it like that to them, but you get the idea)
Sticks at a 45 degree angle in the vertical
Back straight
Palms down
Wrists flexible
Elbows don't move (pivot only at the wrist)

Now holding the stick with just your index, middle, and thumb, drop your right stick and let it bounce freely in you fingers. "" Don't push down, let it rebound itself like a super ball. Do this with each hand letting the stick come to a rest at first. Then slowly increase the speed until you are getting 6 hits per stick. Then 4 hits per stick. Now a double tap roll is basically that stroke with just the first two hits!

Practice practice practice!