Basic e-kit - worth getting???


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Hey hey ya'll! 8)

First post here, hurray! :D

anyways, i am seriously thinking about gettin an e-kit soon. i've had a look at some of the hart dynamics kits but after consulting my local drum shop they said that only the real high-end kits are worth buying and wouldn't advise i get it unless i was goin pro... (which i wont).

the roland kits, expensive as they are, seem like a good choice but will getting a more "basic-level" kit be worth it???

any help would be much appreciated,



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I have a td 6v and they are about a year old and they are really great. i payed 1495.00 new for them and they are still going strong. They lower line is the td3 and it's also a great set to get. i would defintely recomend you to get a roland set.


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the guy in the shop was talkin bollox, i bought a td3 around 2 years ago, and it has given me the ability to practice as much as i want, as i live in a residential area so cant play my acoustic drums very much. I have even used the kick trigger from that kit on recordings, and even through the td3 brain it sounds pretty good. E-kits = a well good investment


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I don't ever plan on gong pro either :cry:
But...I have a couple of young children that would not appreciate me beating the skins at 11 pm at night. I bought a cheap ($600) Simmons kit from Guitar Center and it is working out great. It doesn't have the high end stuff the $1500 sets have but it allows me to play an mp3 player through the input while I play along. it has some really cool sounds, adjustable tones, and programmable sets if you want to jump to a couple different kits while playing live somewhere (I did that when I used them at the church once). It also has different styles of music and a built-in click track. Definitely worth the money for "quiet" practice or additional triggers on an acoustic set.


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If you want to go cheap but still have quality, get a module like a TD-3 and a Hart Kit and you'll be in heaven. The Harts are better bang for your buck than Roland. Get something like a StudioMaster ... index.html (get one w/ a real Hi hat stand)
RMC Audio has some specials going on right now. Or try a DIY. See my response to another post. ... t5622.html

A great deal on a used Hart: You'll need to add a module, Hi hat stand and snare stand.


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The Harts are good. I started with Roland. But now I'm going with RET Percussion. If you're looking for real drum sounds, you can't beat their Virtual Studio Technology or the VPT pack they offer. The drums are the most solid... or getting them with a Roland TD-3 or TD-6 is also an awesome option. Check 'em all out before you buy anything.