Base drum vibrating too much


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hey, so i finally unpacked my kit today, set it all up and it sounds beutifull! the only thing is when i use the kick the skinvibrates to much making the pedal do the same which makes a vibrating sound, it is an undrilled mapex pro M 24" kick with one small hole at the top for the excess air to escape

do i need to tighten the skin up more or put a hole in the front skin?



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There are two ways to get rid of the problem:
1. Don't press the beater into the head- that'd require a change in your technique :)
2. Muffle your kick drum a bit. It will stop generating some of the vibrations. Good you have a hole in the kick- it'll be easier to change the muffling. Try to muffle the least amount possible(only as much as to get rid of those vibrations) and stay away from the shell- any muffling should be put as close to the head leaving bare wood in the shell.
If nothing of this is helpfull then try to retune the bass drum.

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I have a Mapex ProM 24" kick also but I never used the stock heads. I put a superkick I and a patch on when I unpacked it and then cut a 6" hole in front for the mic.

Usually when that vibration happens the mallet is staying on the head when it's struck instead of letting it rebound. IMO this is bad technique that although you may not hear it, once you amplify, trigger or record it will be obvious the strokes aren't clean. I was guilty of this at one time and had to modify my technique.

Good choice on the kit, how do you like it?



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thanks i have kinda had to muffle it with a douvet inside for the meantime as the kick was making the garage door shake haha!
it has stopped the skin but i dont know what it is, could be down to the cold but my foot seems to kind off shake making the beater strike many times in fast succesion i will try warming up before i use it as although i don't really feel it, you can see my breath condensating...


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Oh and i love the kit it is sexual!
think i wil invest in some new heads after i paid the kit off but meanwhile i think i will try and swap the Zildjian ZXT pro cymbals as the crash just isn't really explosive or bright the ride is alright and so are the hats, the free china is a bit too high for me! so will have to see what else i can get for £200


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yeah sounds like your keeping pressure on the beater...when kicking u should automatically take of pressure on the pedal when the skin is struck and let the spring take it back..this gives a cleaner sound and should stop your problems.
If not then its probably the muffling


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I had the exact same problem with the kit i practice on. The problem can be solved by simply stuffing the living crap out of the bass drum. Take one of the heads off (or use the hole if u have one) and put a whole bunch of stuff in it. old sheets, shirts, bags; anything that has weight to it. It also gives the bass a more professional sound.



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To me it sound like your new to this. I've been playing large kick drums for 13 yrs. This is what I do.. I don't really per say tune.. I honestly don't think you hear the difference. I tighten the batter head just enough to keep the hardware from rattling and enough to pull the wrinkles out of the head. On the front I keep that head that head floppy (same just enough to keep the hardware from rattling) with a 6" port, this will give you a nice slap. And on the inside muffle ( both sides) with a small pillow or blanket.. don't over do it. The drum should have body to it. and a real low end punch. The soundmen I have worked with like my method and I always have a killer kick drum sound.
nice Size of kick man! i use the same here what i did for mine but you mayuse it in the future. maybe not. anyway i use the

powerstoke 3 clear on batter w/the remo-muffs agenst the the batter head,and it seems to give it a nice tight boomy sound and still very open in tone. I run each 1 of this on my 2 kicks,but i also have a 4"mic hole on reson head not a 6"

theres my 2 cents


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i also had the same problem, like that other guy up there said, try putting a bunch of stuff in it like sheets and pillows, i also put on an evans emad head on the back, it helps alot. its double layered and has a styrafoam type vibration reducer that goes on like an e-ring. theyre pretty cheap to i think.