Bare necessities?


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The only recording experience I have is when my band records. Not to knock him, but my bands guitarist who does most of the set up and mixing doesn't do very well with the drums. I would like to toy around myself with recording/mixing at home. Right now, I have some unimpressive but trusty mics, including a Nady DM80 kick mic and a pack of seven Karma Audio condensers designed for drums. I know that I can get better sounds out of these mics than I do, but I need to practice recording on my own time. Right now, I have only the mics and cables. My bandmate has a mixer.

I need to know what I need and nothing more, the most inexpensive mixer/alternative I need to start making drum tracks. Can someone give me a rundown? Thanks.

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If you have a mixer all you need is a recording device and you can do "live" tracking. If you have a computer you may be able to line into it


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bare minimum in drums or anything would be one microphone, stand, cable, recording medium. If you want to do computer based recording you would either need an Audio Interface or a mixer to an analogue in on your soundcard.

A good condenser in a good place on a good set with good tuning in a good room will get you...a fairly good recording. Try getting the sound you want out of two overheads first. More mikes does not mean better sound, add them as needed and mix accordingly. Good luck