[Bands from the past millenium] Blind Orphans of Norway


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Vintage time! 8)

Here's my former band "Blind Orphans" during "Heyday" around 1989. We were a loud, hard-rock, prog-influenced band that released one CD "Blind Leading the Blind" around 1990.
The band decesed around 1992. I stand to the right. :D

Originally, we were five members, but due to studio-costs, spending a lot of time on the project, no money in, etc...

Then there were three.

Anyway, here's the original band, during rehersals, around 1987:

I'd like to see what some of you looked like, some twenty years ago too, so come on! Post your vintage band-photos! :D

P.S. The band has a rather eager following in Japan, and a man by the name of mr Koichi Matsunaga has made a fanpage of the band.

Don't mind the broken english! :D