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Humm my band has gone through plenty. However i learned a valueable lesson seeing as we wasted hours and hours trying to think of a band name people would appreciate rather than making some music. If your trying to think of one... one will come dont exaust all you time thinking.

Heres a bunch of names my band went through :D

-Haileys Hero
-Phoenix Morning(We though we were cool)
-Sink the Sun
-Stage Warmers(pending)
-now my newest band has "19th hole" in the name... because i never actually knew what it meant. (Bar after a long 18 holes o' golf) So anywho i though it was pretty cool so the new name was created

tips on a good name(not that i know anything about it.)
-Allteration breaking benjamin .. you get it
-play on words... Less Than Jake(actually means ugly... i didnt know that)
-Planets, Stars...ect- probably one of the more lame things but Sink the Sun some how worked for my band. Locals liked it and it stuck with my band for a while


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hey carter could you please elaborate on the phrase you posted? or you're just another deftones fan like me? :p


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TheYardstick":wksizdy3 said:
My vanad I'm going to start with a friend is called Caught In The Crossfire.
theres a band around here called caught in the line of fire...i dont like them much though.

my band is called atra mors...its latin for black death

we used to be called one winged angel...its a song from final fantasy that we liked for a while but it got old and we changed it. we had another name too but i forgot it.


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Krumplestiltskn <- Old buddy of mines death metal band name. I always liked it. BUT, they were all teenagers and the band busted up =( They could've made it pretty far too. They were GOOD for 16 year olds.
Carter":2qitv266 said:
Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right BA BA Select Start
the ataris fucking own! a part of me died when chris knapp died. i think he might be one of the greatest punk drummers ever. in my eyes he was. didn't think that many people were still into them, considering their sound changed completely after he "died" in 2005. fucking waste if you ask me. changed my views on punk drummers.

sorry i had to say something


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The WOW group
The Consuls
The lightening band (or group)
WGB"s (world greatest band)

:D 8)

Call me Gideon

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Ive been in numerous bands and only 2 have really worked at figuring out a band name. Bands Ive been in:
Soap Scum
High Wire
Mr. Funny Face
Weather Torn (became Hollowside, went back to Weather Torn)
Paperberback Tragedy (started as BRAT [god I hated that name] went through lists and lists to find a new one)


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Articulate Anorrectal Asphyxia. :)

i always did like all the italian porn grindcore.