BAND i just joined note i didnt record the drum tracks.

Andy Jessop

New member
Get over it dude. Bands have to evolve and so do drummers. Example Pete Best and Ringo Star.
you have to rise above it all..that drummer was probably doing his best that dos'nt mean you have to be less creative to compensate the horribble drumming. I have been in similar stuation's dude when your trying to get gigg's and the old drummers timing is all over the place on the demo but the music is good..i was with a post punk band called Birthrite in the uk and they recorded the material four/five years before I joined dude I had sleepless nights listening to that demo.But live we were tight and rocked every gig thats what you have to do till the band can aford to record then erase that old memory with your hot licks job done.....