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I have been gigging downtown Austin, Texas without any toms for about 6 months. Now, all of the fills are a snare / double bass combo. Wild approach that works. Great for groove focus! Yea, it changes everything! I tell the sound guys to mike the kikks and I'll do the rest.

I like all the clubs down Red River. Headhunters, Red Eyed Fly, Beerland, Room 710, and Antones off 5th street. Downtown Austin is an amazing place to jam because there are 134 live music venues in about a 12 block grid. Each packs from 3 to 7 bands per nite. Mostly original, one hour sets dominate the scene.


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that is really cool!
where do you play?
would like to check it out next time we pass through.
Lots of buddies there too, maybe you know some...
there's probably only a million or so bands there, eh?


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Wow, that's a one-of-kind setup you got there. It forces you to play differently than on normal setup, doesn't it? cheers :)