Bad ass dude.


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truly amazing :eek:
he'll got some very good moves there, tht drummer, tht juggling trick at the end blew me away :eek: very impresive tht he was still playing the same beat while juggling 8)


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Demented Drummer":3rtw1ap7 said:
24 piece Tama GRANSTAR in Nile Blue
24 PAISTE cymbals
9 pieces of percussion
8-sided Pearl ICON rack
Gilbraltar throne
AHEAD sticks
Having a hernia everytime you have to set up... Priceless... haha


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Damn.....that was INSAAANNNEEE!!!!! The beatboxing bassist was killer, too. Andyboterman--you said it, bro. Truly priceless.


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That was truly amazing... I was thinking OK this really interesting...and then BAM the juggling. I don't think that I have ever seen that before. I was just watching the Cheap Trick or Treat Halloween special on VH1 Classic. The drummer for the Romantic's was doing some really cool stick tricks. He was balancing the stick on the palm of his hand while playing. Very cool visual.