b8's, b8 pro's, or paiste pst 5's?????? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!


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im saving up for a new kit (pearl export double bass) and need to decide what cymbals to get. either way im gettin a wuhan 16 china. right now im between sabian b8's, b8 pro's, and paiste pst 5's.
my b8's would 14 thin crash, 16 and 18 rock crashes, a 21 rock ride, and 14 rock hats and a 8 zbt splash.
my b8 pro's and pst 5's would be the same configuration.
i just need reccomendations.


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I have a pst 5 thin crash and I love it!! But I just played some B8 Pros and I love them and I hate Sabian low end cymbals!!! Just do yourself a favor and get Mediums or Thins because there "Rock" or 'Heavy" lines sound totally un-musical!!!! :evil:


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bros!!........................bros......... venture outside the field of view in low end cymbal land!! It's time to upgrade to something worthy of your talents!!!! We're talkin the tones of Avedis Zildjian, Sabian's Hand Hammering, and Paiste's Darkest of Energies!!! Let's stick to oatmeal for a couple of weeks and carve our sticks from tree branches..... I'm sayin, MAKE SOME SACRIFICE, my dudes of the drumworld!!!!


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i use pst5s and their great for garage band/small gigs. they are IMHO the better of the low lines cymbals, but like DW said IF at all possible then save up for cast cymbals. i was like u and had a budget and went with pst5s and do not regret it a bit!


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metalhead94":2l5gld54 said:
iv gotta stay around $350 (less if possible) for 3 crashes, a ride, and a splash.
Go with 2 crashes and get better gear. Check out Sabian XS20. It's a great mid-priced cymbal.


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we R all on a budget so you want a decent sound beginner line go with Paiste PST5s.

And then upgrade later on when the $$$ starts coming in ;)


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i'd buy a better kit with one bass drum. then you can get a second when you can afford it. unless your tottally a beginner or really broke, you dont want an export wit sheet bronze cymbals