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Hey I was wondering whats the go with B8 alloy. I know Sabian makes their B8 line, and they're meant to be low end, but Paiste and Meinl make other lines with B8 like Rude, 2002 and Amun, and they're meant to be good quality cymbals. And alot of people here say that B8 is an inferior metal , So I was just wondering is B8 crap metal for cymbals, or is it just "different" to B20?


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B8 is a softer alloy and it's visual and sonic characteristics are different accordingly. Bonham used Paiste 2002's and Giant Beats almost exclusively and I have always been a fan of the sounds these cymbals have.


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i honestly don't know anything about the alloys b8's or any other cymbals are made out of. but i DO know that b8's are cheap and make good practice cymbals that you don't have to worry about cracking/breaking, because they're easily replaced. i've even used them on tour occasionally, if i break a cymbal and don't have much cash to get a replacement.


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Sabians B8's are cheap because they are cymbals from sheets pressed into cymbals, how ever use the same B8 alloy in a handcast and you have yourself a nice sounding and durable cymbal.