Axis Vector A21 questions


New member
So i broke another u-joint on my axis pedals and it got me thinking. Maybe it's time for a new pedal. I've been looking at the new Vector series and had a view questions i hope could be answered by someone who owns them or knows more than i do.

1. The Micro Tuner - WAAAAAY better design than before for simple spring tension adjustment. My question however is has it ever loosened up on its own? it looks like it adjust like a belt tensioner on some cars where you just turn a screw and it tightens but the only thing locking it on the slides is actual tension of the spring.

2. How much different do they feel from the other AL-2's? Would it take me a long time to get used to them? it took me at least 2 to 3 weeks of playing when i switched from chain drive to direct the first time. im hoping this would be a smooth transition.

i guess thats it. hope to hear from some of you soon and its good to be back!