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There dosn't seem to be enough people who even know about Axis. Seems to be a taboo subject here. I've found a few things on here but nothing big.

If your from the UK here. You won't see Axis pedals in any of the shops. I didn't check Scotland becuase I gave up and got them from Germany instead.

Most people in the UK use Iorn Cobra's, Eliminators and I've seen alot of Big Dog's floating about. SO if anyone uses Axis pedals in the UK say lol.

This topic is more for the advanced drummers here.

We know there are many types of techniques and all that for hitting speeds over 210bpm, heel/toe, swivel and a load of others but as we probaly notice... no matter how much you practice day in and day out, all techniques will come to you naturally. Like when you have good and bad drum days... eventually they will level out and you'll be good everytime. So to the drummers who have reached this level, this topic is for you.

Also to the people who use 8 piece or bigger kits. Why do you play it ? whats ur reasons behind it and such. Talk about it here :D Positive Feedback only please.

Racks - what rack do you use ? what does it do for you? why ?


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I am a session drummer from South Wales, UK. I've played for many bands and recorded with many bands.

I use Axis A770 Longboards becuase they are smooth, fast and reliable.

I use a curved road series gibraltar double rack (DBLGRS) with some extra bits, I use it because it gets rids of cymbal stands getting in the way, and to hold the toms in the same place everytime with out having to adjust it.

I use an 8 piece with a 2nd snare drrum and 2 kick drums. I use it because it gives me a wider sound and just looks good. Plus it has room for expansion just incase. lol


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I use a Gibraltar Road Series rack with an extension for my 7-piece Yamaha kit. (Double kick, two racks, two floors and snare.) I play a large double-kick kit, because the band I'm in is a tribute to 80's metal, and playing a smaller kit just doesn't lend the right look.


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I can't afford Axis pedals
I have to use the less expensive DW pedals
To me, they're all the same until you get into the high price points

I like Gibraltar because it is very tough and yet not as expensive as stuff like Tama rack gear
I could not do what I do if it were not for Gibraltar racks

Big kits?
I used have the 6" tom to 18" floor tom/double bass kit but I found that all I was doing was the same thing everyone does and that is to justify having such a huge kit by taking a run around the toms every breakI sold my huge drumkit and started from scratch with the pieces I really wanted and more rack gear than I needed
I knew I was going to grow and experiment so I gave myself the tools to do so

Playig on a smaller kit made me think in different directions and I was able to be more inventive with my beats
Now I have a drumkit that will do pretty much anything
try the trick v-pro, thats what im using now this pedal kicks soo much ass!,ive played I.C's,Elims,DW's,Axis,so far the best 1 that works for me is the Trick V-pro pedal,Sooooo Much Smoother,Quicker, i love this pedal,so far nothing else compares...Period.for me


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i play a big kit with a axis double pedal and a gibraltar rackn( you can see it in my picture) and i wouldnt have it any other way. i love axis pedals and gibraltar hardware. and playing on a hity set comes nautrally to me. its what i like, and thats howe im comfortable


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axis are the best. smooth reliable and their customer service is awesome. they know how to treat their customers.

pearl icon racks are the only rack that will hold up to my standards. no slipping, EVER!!!.

big kits...
6 piece pearl masters birch, double bass kit. just one more floor tom and im set


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huh, I kinda thought maybe we were starting to suffer from Axis-overload lately, there seem to be endless threads popping up. I'm trying to pace myself and not feel like I have to post in all of them... :)
I had a hard time finding their pedals to test-drive. I'm in the Southern US, and there just weren't any shops that had them in stock. I bought a used pair off ebay to try them out, and ended up being very happy with them.
Eventually, a local Guitar Center started carrying them, but I think they don't stock them anymore. From what I learned at their booth at NAMM, they're a small, family-owned operation and they stay extremely busy just keeping up with their present orders.

I'm not really concerned with speed, but efficiency and comfort are bigger factors for me. Also, reliability on the road is important.
I used to use a rack, but am experimenting with stands lately, not sure where I'll end up yet.

As far as a 'big kit,' well- that's a personal choice for sure. So much depends on the kind of music you're playing at the time. I guess my kit hovers around 8-10 drums usually (including things like Octobans and piccolo toms, so it doesn't feel as big to me), but I play a very tom-oriented kind of music, and I like having enough voices to be able to approach it melodically and ergonomically.

When people say they limit themselves to a small kit so they're forced to focus on 'the basics,' or whatever, I've never really understood that.
I'm not disrespecting that choice; that's great if it works for you.
But I find it's just as easy to ignore a couple of drums and focus on whatever aspect you want. If I want to work on bass/snare/hat permutations, I don't find that having other drums around me hinders me in any way. I just work on the bass/snare/hat interplay.
I haven't found it any more difficult to compose basic beats on a big kit than on a minimalist one.
I'm not trying to argue with folks that find it easier to work on a small kit, I just hope they're not implying that those of us with bigger kits can't accomplish the same kind of results.


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I've got Axis A longboards. I haven't learned any techniques yet. I've been happy with regular straight up retarded man speed. The pedals play perfectly without any slop, can't beat that. When I was in better shape I had them send me a pair of their old silver springs which are shorter and stronger. They're tough, but you can get mad fast with those things.

My bigger set is a 10 piece... 11 piece when I decide what aux. snare I'm going with in my vast array of weaponry. I like two basses over double bass because it's more comfortable, centers the kit and you don't have the slave pedal issues. The 18" and 16" floor toms help make those mean, heavy punches even meaner and heavier. The other 5 rack toms allow me to go for those 3 measure Slayer style tom rolls and let me play fills using different notes to accent guitar work and change it up a bit. Also, some songs call for higher toms while others call for lower toms. I like to be prepared for everything... and I had to fill up the space above my basses with something, right?

Racks... not a fan.


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I love my Gibraltar rack. I have a 7 piece Tama kit w/ Iron Cobra double pedal and hi hat stand. I was actually thinking of trying the Axis pedals. I've heard great things about them.
My Kit's just a five piece, with about 11 cymbals. I use a rack 'cause I'm a perfectionist, so I'd ALWAYS be fidgeting with stands to get it JUST right EVERY time! this way, it's just ready to go, unload, put it together, put 'em on, start jamming! And if No One's in my way and I have ONE helper who knows how I like things done, I can set up in 5 minutes (my record so far, can't beat it!)


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I use a Gibraltar road series rack and have done for almost 7 years now. If you want to see a big kit though check out the pics on the cybadrummers website. We have 3 setups, a small (2 acoustic 4 piece kits with electronic pads, 2 SPD-S's and 2 2nd snare drums all encompassed within a rack) a medium hybrid kit (1 7 piece acoustic and 1 TD-12s with extra pads and 2 SPD-S's which is pictured on the website) and the large kit (2 7 piece acoustic kits with 2 2nd snares, 2 SPD-S's with extra pads plus the TD-12 integrated within the 2 kits all encompassed within a rack.)

Log on to and take a look and leave us a message in our guestbook!

All the best