axis longboards


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what do you guys think of axis longboards?
i want some but havent ever used the longboards, but i have used the standard axis pedals.


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it has a different feel; more suited for heel-to-toe techniques.
I primarily play heel-down, and the Longboard feel was tough to get used to at first. I don't see a lot of need for it unless you're doing some tricky heel/toe type stuff.
I prefer my regular boards, but some folks swear by the longs-
I'd like to hear why they favor them; hopefully someone will chime in soon.


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the long boards feel WEIRD to me anyway.

i had the a2 double pedal, and it was great. very smooth, fast. my only complaint was theyre not very powerful.


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axis, meh. it feels like playing with a strap wraped around your foot cuz of the fast rebound. i play heel up so it uses a lot of muscle activity around my hip joint area, and that is not up to par for me. haha. i get worn out quick on axis pedals. but hey that's just me.


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I own the longboards and to me i never played a more responsive pedal in my life! i fell in love with them the moment i stomped on them at guitar center so i spent the 5 bills on them and never looked back. but hey it's all personal preference right?


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Axis pedals takes a couple days to get use to. They are super fast and smooth. I loved my axis pedal but it was so perfect it actually made some heel toe things harder to do because the pedal was faster than my foot. I don't currently own one anymore but that would not keep me away from ever using one again. I prefer a pedal with a little resistance that I have to make work. I feel more in control this way.

If your do a lot of double bass work where speed is required, I highly recommand the Axis. But if not there are other pedals alot less than 5 bills that would do just as nice of job.

Your top pedals are the Axis, Pearl Eliminator, and the Tama Iron Cobra. Those are the ones everyone's using.

You have the new trick pedal which is to be a good pedal, I personally think it's way over priced. I did try it and didn't like it at all, but that might just be me. It's like the ludwig speed king pedal, some guys make those things fly, I can't even really do heel toe patterns on it. But those are your options I recomend any of the top 3.


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Your top pedals are the Axis, Pearl Eliminator, and the Tama Iron Cobra. Those are the ones everyone's using.
I think you are forgetting dw in that group..
I've been interested in trying the A longboard doubles out for a while myself, although distributors and shops are on an order in only basis for axis in Australia.
I own pearl eliminators and dw9000's but I havent been 100% impressed with either, although the 9000's are pretty good, I'm interested in how different the feel and response is without a chain/strap or spring, and also because I am predominantly playing metal stuff with triggers on my kicks, I also wondered if anyone knows anything about those ekit mechanical triggers axis have compared to say, triggerperfect or ddrum?