avanti cymbals?????

drummer dave

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when i got my first drumset it was used an the dude gave me a 18" heavy ride with it......i still use it from time to time but ive never seen another(avanti cymbol)...has anyone else??????


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they are a model of cymbal made by a company called "camber" which is a sub section of sabian..they make very low entry level cymbals


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not necessarily, Avanti was more a "type" of cymbal rather than a brand. the most common avanti cymbals were manufactured by camber (sabian) but a more rare series of avanti was manufactured my meinl. these are very high quality compared to their camber counterparts. the meinls feature a triangular blue logo, where as the cambers feature a circular one. the cambers also have a goldish tint where as almost all the meinl avantis are silver colored.