Attack Heads?


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Has anyone tried using Attack heads? I was thinking about purchasing some clear "2-Ply Tone Ridge" heads for my toms, since I heard they're comparable to Pinstripes, etc.

Anyone have experience with those heads, or Attack heads in general? Positive and negative comments are appreciated.


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I don't know about 2-ply tone ridge heads but I'm using attack 1-ply no overtone clear on my 22 kick drum and it sounds great. Attacks are best bang for the buck in my opinion but I still prefer Remo and Evans


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On my kick I also have no overtone- 2 ply on the batter and 1 ply on the reso side. The sound is very punchy with loads of low end. And I switched from Emads.
I wouldn't recommend 2 ply tone ridge heads because I don't like the sound of pinstripes EC2s etc, but I think you'll be happy with them.