assistence about virtual drummer school

Hey drummers!!

I have just registered in this cool chat. What do you think about the virtual drummer school?
I only started a few days ago and I have really been impressed. For only $10 you can have classes with percussionist like, Giovanni Hidalgo, Luis Conte, Alex Acuña or drummers like Weckl, Bissonette, Erskine, Bruford, El Negro and that is naming just a few. All this from my computer! This is wicked!! If you haven´t tried it you got to try some of the free lessons. The resolution of the vids and the music are the best I´ve seen on the web. I´m thinking about registering for a year, but first I wanted to know if anyone has tried it and what they thought. Hellos to all the drummers out there!!
Julio de Ipanema :lol: