asking for music.


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Hello i am new to this forum and have recently been reading alot of topics. they have helped me abunch and still contenue to help. any ways im hear because i have tooken a certain taste and interest in a jazz blues funk groove kind of thing. and i need help in finding influencial bands to help my listening. it would help tons if you could list abunch of them. :) thanks.


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ummmmm try looking for these:

Momentum by the Joshua Redman Elastic Band.

Live!! by Screaming Headless Torsos

We Love 'em Tonight by Galactic

All Kooked Out by Stanton Moore

They're all great albums, imo.. hope this is what you were looking for


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Action Figure Party

If anyone likes funky groovemanship, sweet jazz-style rhodes, and pocket players.....check this disc out. It may be hard to find in a store but you can get it on the internet.

You will not be disappointed.


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The Seatbelts Cowboybebop Anime, ALL Albums, Yoko Kanno, crazy jazz funk drummers. japanese, french australian, british and american.