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Hey Guys,

It's been a while! Long story short. I had a bad fall, broke my arm in two places, and had a cast on which what felt like forever. It goes without saying that my drums collected a bit of dust if you catch my drift. I wish that was the last of my problems. Now the arm I broke fatigues a lot faster. Could anybody recommend any exercises to build up my strength? Any help would be great appreciated.

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I had a shoulder injury that messed me up pretty good and took me away from the skins for a bit. I used a grip vice to help build strength in my grip and light weights and stretching to get full arm strength and endurance back. I still have some numbness on occasion but not as bad. Just take it slow and the strength will come back. Good luck.

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arm-by-arm workouts (besides bi/tricep pulls and curls)...
try laying face down on a bench and taking a small amount of weight with one arm. hold that arm out at a 90 degree angle from your torso for as long as you can. do sets of that.

take a long barbell with light weights on it, hold it behind your back with both hands (arms all the way down) and curl it with your wrists. this will work your forearms.
also try a grip vice.

do everything slowly and lightly.


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light curls for biceps and triceps. try what my baseball coach used to make us do. Stick your arms straight out in front of you and open and close your palms as fast as you can, full strength each time. when i starts burning its working. standard pushups? take a practice pad while u watch tv and just tap with the hand thats lagging behind at a comfortable pace. thats about all i can think of