Arm Strain

I've been playing for about 4 years and i've never had arm pain when i played. All of a sudden one day my arm just starts to hurt when playing. I have no idea why, i dont do anything that could strain my arm so i have no idea whats wrong. Any advice on what i can do to try to prevent the pain from coming back?


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There are many factors involved and without specific locations of pain centers it's hard to diagnose. No, I'm not a physician but have befallen most of the usual strains that can occur to those in this crazy artform.

Remember that when you are hitting things at the velocities we achieve, there are lots of shock factors that come into play. I can remember back when the craze of unbreakable Easton sticks came into vogue. Well guess what? SOMETHING is gonna break.

You may want to consider the types of sticks you use- I use 2B Wood tip Hickory Pro-Mark. Not because I need extra volume....the balance is what I'm after. It's easier to "ask" a stick to do something than to "tell" it to. I use the weight and rebound of the stick to an advantage. This is FAR easier to do with a larger stick than a small one. Volume is not an issue either with larger/smaller sticks. Personally I think smaller sticks make you play louder because they give a false sense of dynamics. Anyhoo.....

Earlier this year I did a gig with a bassist and his sense of time was SO RIGID that I actually pulled a tendon or something playing with him. That I suffered through for about 4 months, and no breaks!!!

And finally you really DON'T have to kill the drums when you hit them. Play "off of" the drum rather than "into it".
Ahh i understand. I am thinking its my stick size. I use 5A and i think that isnt the best size to use for my hand size. I have fairly big hands and i think i need to use a bigger size stick to go equal out with my hand size.

What i find strange also is i only get the arm strain if i play my crash for a few measures. Then when i stop playing the crash the pain just sits there waiting to start up again. I might have to move my crash around the set to see if different spots make the pain worse and better.


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umm u might hav thought bout this but if your holding your arm up for a long time

for example when i hav to stick a straight jazz beat for 5 mins it hurts like hell it has to do with blood not gettin right try mixing it up so u aint got ur arms in the same place for too long

if u dont get what im sayin hold ur arms up in the air as high as u can for 5 mins it hurts like a bitch