Are there any other drum companies that make Rototoms?


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Ok, I need to know whether Remo is the only drum company that makes rototoms

I have been searching for a while and i cant find any so , HELP ME!!


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I don't know if it's available in the US, but look for Dimavery rototoms. I bought a 8 10 12 set with a stand for 130$ or so. Heads need immediate replacement, also the stand would use some new wingnuts and screws. Poor quality, but they still are rototoms, in the sense that the concept is there(rotate the tom and the pitch will change). The 12 and 10 rotos have 5 lugs, 8 has 4.
One more comment- I wouldn't rely on them If I was on a few-month tour.


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pulse makes some. they are actualy decent. im not fond of my Remo Rototoms at all anymore. they got old fast. and i used them for like 1 song. and im not in that band anymore haha. so yeah im lookin to lose em