Aquarians anyone?


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I tried them for a while. Here are my comments.

Bass drum - Excellent - I was using the one with the floating felt ring that cuts ring. Also their patch for protecting the head from the peadal beater is the best. I tried the Remo one but it was a little "clicky" with the beater I use (dw hard side). Would use again. Currently using the Evans just to try it.

Snare top - good, I use the coated with the dot, very durable but it's just a bit thicker than I like. I switched to the Evans.

Snare bottom - these I had a big problem with. Even in the thinner versions the "skin" is still a little to stiff and choked the sound too much for me. Probable influence the above comments about the snare top.
i used to have performance 2's on my toms. but they had too little tone, and they were rather quiet. they were excelent for very low tuning, but not really for me. bloody durable tho. even when i did get the urge to beat the hell out of my kit the heads still performed well.

ive now got evans g2's on top and g1's on bottom. if you can be bothered to fine tune, these heads really are amazing. they have an incredible boomy thud sound that you get when watching some drum lesson videos. and they are really durable.

i recently switched from my super kick 2, to an evans EMAD for the batter side, and a resonant EMAD for the resonant side of the bassdrum.

these heads when put together can make any bassdrum sound about 100 times bigger than it is. plus if you stick a slam pad or an aquarian bass drum patch on it sounds triggered. its all really down to personal opinion. i like a very defined sound from my drums. but the aquarians really do come in handy at the most unexpected of times. :p


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i've only used aquarian hi energy for my snare. for my personal application (metal) it's the best. I've heard the superkick 2 before and it sounded outstanding. I haven't heard the toms before though.


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I've got them on my Tamas; very happy with the tone.

edit; since switched to Evans all-around, much better even.
Didn't realize what I was missing!


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the Performance two's are a very tune loose with a big deep thick sound and are very good for entry level kits and rock guys,

two many drummers just try this head and judge Aquarian on that one model that is not for all drummers especially the seasoned pro,

Try their new SUPER 2 tom tom head and their TCPD14 snare head with dot under coating kicks butt!

will last long and won't pull from the hoop and de tune.
you will not hear the glue crackling and breaking up in the hoop.

Remo calls this seeding to the shell but it is basically the clue breaking and the head will slip.


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I just can't and won't buy or play any Aquarian head, simply for one reason: their ridiculous insistence on marketing the "Tap Test".

For the uninitiated, the "Tap Test" claims that you can take any Aquarian head out of the box, tap it, and hear a clear, musical tone. They claim that since their heads are the only ones that do that, they are the only heads worth playing.

My response, lifted in part from the great Terry Bozzio, is simple: Does a guitar player pluck a string straight out of the pack to see how it sounds? No. It's got to be installed on the guitar, streched, tuned, and then played. Same with a drumhead. They are supposed to be loose. They'll have little, if any, tone, until they are stretched over a drum, seated, tuned, and played.

Given the fact that you can take a standard 12" 2-ply clear head of any brand, put it on 5 different brands of drumkits and get 5 different sounds, the "Tap Test" assertion is complete and utter bullshit.


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I've tested some cheap heads(16" head for like 4$) and none of them sounded musical when tapped. Every one sounded completely dead.
Now maybe every Aquarian head is positive when tap-tested, bo so is every Evans, Remo and Attack head that I used :) so even though only they insist on the tap test, I've tested my heads and they did produce a tone when tapped.
Yeah, it is strange that only they market this (I think) well-known test that I think you should do when you buy new heads, but who cares? It's the sound that matters, not the marketing.


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The superkick II w/ the patch sounds awesome on my bass. Also the Response II's (clear) sound great on toms. They hold pitch really well. I like the single ply coated for the snare. I've been using Aquarians for about 2 years now and I'm very pleased w/ them. Much more than some other brands I've tried.


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Thw performance 2's do give little tone and are great for low end tuning, they just give a thud more than anything, great for classic rock. I now use the response 2's and as Tony would say... they're greeeaaaat!!!