Aquarian super kick II


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I use the SKII and Regulator combo. It sounds great. You don't need any muffling but I have my PDP pillow just barely touching each head for a little more punch.


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king_friday":2u5rnr68 said:
anybody ever use one of these? im pretty sure im gonna get one, just wanted some opinions.

thanks guys!
I can't stand these and this also why I carry an extra PS3 with me. I can leave a real drumhead on the kick drum.


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i used to use those. they absolutely rock. lots of punch! but not i use the EQ3 from evans. put a cup on for that one! ;)

aquarian rocks though.

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I use the SKII and I love it. I've tried most heads on the market and the SKII is the one I always come back to. I love a big sound out of my bass drum with lots of sustain so I use the SKII and a Ludwig-logo front head w/no hole. I put a felt strip across the front head and nothing else in the drum and it sounds great. I reccommend it highly.


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Hack_and_Slash":1prd9yyl said:
I would get the force I head if you're gonna play metal. THe super kick one isn't as punchy and focused.
thats the one i was using, it was a great head i used it for a while. but i gotta say i like this one a lot more. i think it has more punch and an overall better sound. plus it seems to be easier to play, the response on it is amazing, i can do my doubles much better now.


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I hated that head. After the first set I took it off and put the Powerstroke back on...what a difference.
The Aquarian wasn't as loud and powerful as the PS. It was very dry.
The PS kicked BUTT.


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I tried one of the SKIIs a while back on a whim and I will never go back, it's the best sounding kick batter head around


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I'm using the SKII, it's not as punchy as I'd like it to be, but it gets the job done for now.

I think I might try that Powerstroke soon.


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i have a SK2 and didnt like it at first, after a few hrs of tuning it and the front head it delivers nice loud bass, make sure your bass drum is 1" off the floor(using the legs to adjust) so you dont deaden the sound. this head takes one hell of a beaten.


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The Aquarian Superkicks are really just a spin on old technology. Take either a single ply or two ply head, unmuffled and put a felt strip between it and the bearing edge. The only difference is the Superkicks come with the felt as a circle around the head.