Aquarian Studio-X with Power Dot


New member
I just went out and purchased a 10 inch Aquarian Studio-X with power dot tom head, and I'm not happy with it but I know it's a good head. We all know, or atleast I that small drums are hard to tune when you have thicker heads, but it sounds pretty dead.

I think I tuned it wrong, I also have those Aquarian strips that are made out of the same thing drum heads are made out of rings that go around, which makes a more damp sound.

When I first ever started playing drums my friend had a set with the same heads, the toms were a bit bigger though and the bottom was off, they sounded amazing.
I have bottoms on mine, and I don't know if that effects it.

So ultimately what I'm asking is does anyone know about these heads and know anything that they recommend doing, or how good they are?

And also, I tape napkins into the inner part of my drums to muffle it a little, Cheap yes, satisfying- Sort of.