Aquarian Heads & Zildjian Dip Series Sticks


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Hey guys. I'm considering switching over to Aquarian heads, specifically the Performance II series and the Superkick for my bass. Anyone have any thoughts on this brand. They claim it gives you a dryer, low end sound without a lot of sustain and ringing, which is exactly what I'm looking for.

Also, has anyone used the Zildjian Dip Series sticks? Even with gloves, my sticks were slipping on my badly at our last gig. I saw the Dip series online and wondered how they worked. Thanks for any input.


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The DIP Sticks don't really have a big difference in grip.

You'd be better off with tape or some other alternative

When you get sweaty hands then the DIP makes it even worse i think.


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yea, when i had them, they started off good, but after a few days i got a blister on the inside of my thumb, i dont reccomend using them, get ahead!


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I used the DIPs for 2 years or so, never gave me any trouble. Definitely a no-slip grip, and they helped me avoid blisters when using 4 sticks.
I've used them w/ gloves, and they held up just fine.
I've since switched to Hornets sticks and the design of the handle eliminates any slippage issues.

I had Aquarian Perf II's on my Tama kit when I bought it, and ended up changing them to Evans G2s. They were too dry and 'dead' sounding to me, but it sounds like dry is what you're after, so you might just like them.


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I cannot in good faith recommend Aquarian. The "Tap Test" that they use to market their heads is a complete farce, and I cannot take the company seriously. If your main marketing tool is complete and utter BS, then what does that say about the company?