Anyone Want a Slipknot Snare?


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I have a Joey Jordinson sig. slipknot pearl snare drum in perfect condition and the head has barely been played on

i was lookin to sell it cheap for 180 to 200 $

if u want more info. email me at
or msg. me on myspace:

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i finally tried one of these out and i love it but i just spent 430 bux on an axis and im pretty much broke. damn.
I have one of those ... I really like how it sounds ... but it depends on what style you want to play with it ... I use it for metal/hard rock and there it blends in beautifully ... I bought it here in South-Africa though and it was very expensive ... all our music equipment is really expensive ... That kinda sucks ...


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i love that snare and wuld pay up to $125 4 it too but that snare wuld stay with every kit i get till it dies not to throw it away when i get my next kit