Anyone Played These Snares?


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Well, paycheques are coming in, and I've got almost all the cymbals I want (not counting an Ice Bell, Chopper, maybe a 18" crash, blah blah) and I think, since I've been playing mostly backline kits, that it's time to invest in a new snare. The ones I've been looking at are:

Premier Modern Classic 14x7" Maple


Pork Pie Little Squealer 13x7" Maple


Tama Metalworks 13x6.5"

I'm planning to get both a 13" and a 14", eventually, for different styles of music, but has anyone played any of them? Comments? Similar suggestions?

Thanks a lot.[/img]


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I really wanted to hate the Squealer because it was a drum imported from china by a guy that used to sign all of his drums "made by an American". But... I tried out the 5 x 14 vented squealer (same style as the one in your picture, different size) and it sounds great. I ended up buying one for my son for his Birthday last year, and the drum is really nice. I didn't hate it at all.

I have never played the Premier in your picture, but I love the styling.

The metalworks sounds to me like a "tubby" Ludwig acrolite. You can get an original late 60's or early 70's acrolite for less money. so it seems like a better bet.

Have you checked out Medicine Man drums? I'd rather have the Medicine Man drum that I reviewed than any of the ones you have posted here. ... &Itemid=15


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I have the 13x7 vented squealer, again I was kinda' put off before i bought it by it being imported from China. But it's still made really well and sounds fantastic!


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Just bought the 7x13 squealer; played it for the first time tonight. VERY nice. $135.00 on eBay. Sounded better after I swapped out the Genera Dry with an Aquarian Hi-Energy