Anyone like using the single stick rolls


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Hi i'm new to this forum also. Just wondering. Paradiddles have helped me alternate rythms around the kit, i use paras and stuff mainly for that, but for rolls i like single sticking.

I've always tried to use the rudiments for acsenting in my rolls but i've found i can do just the same with single sticking it. Because i've spent so long single sticking i've built up a bit of an endurance to doing fast rolls that way. (I know its more tireing doing it that way but now i don't get tired doing this easily)

For some reason single stick rolls make me more synchronised.

Has anybody found this technique working for them because people have endlessly told me to make it easy on myself by using rudiments for rolls. I find it harder to do them that way though.

Anyone got any comments on this?

Rob the Drummer

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Single strokes are the most common and used rudiment there is. However, it's essential that you don't get yourself to the point where that's all you do. I use a ton of double strokes and single strokes. Just mix it up and see what you can come up with.