Anyone Like Rods?


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First of all "great video" !

I use rods to practice with in my apartment. I have the sound off mufflers on my drums but I use the rods because I hate the stupid silencers on the cymbals. Anyways this keeps me from being loud and pissing off the neighbors, and I get my practicing done.


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nice vid. im not real big on rods or brushes though. i cant seem 2 get the sound im looking for from them. but great use of the rods. :)

Rob the Drummer

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I really enjoy accenting with them. You can hit really hard and get a great sound out of your tom, or you can tap and get a completely different tone and not even sound like the same drum. I also like that raw sound of the rods hitting each other. They are a lot of fun, and a decent workout.

break the prism

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great video. it remingded me of gavin harrison from porcupine tree.
i use cool-rods every once in a while for quiet practice or acoustic gigs.


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First of all, the name of this thread is a little suggestive...haha just kidding. But yea i use rods for acoustic sets alot and i love the sound i get out of them, specially on my ride.