anyone know anything about these "BOA" pedals?


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i tested these petals out i think they are a great pedal. alot different feel than most pedals you would play. i mean i love smooth pedals alittle bet to smooth for my taste. i think the reason they didnt put under dw is pdp is a company from dw. at the same time they have their own team who make and come up with new hardware, shells, and etc.. many its something just for pdp.


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The Heel":37mkvwp8 said:
I wonder if its possible to create a double pedal with this style... it appears not.
They make a BOA double pedal, you can see it on the website, follow the link above and click on the link for the double boa.

The Heel

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Yeah thanks, I saw that rummaging around today... but no price. I can imagine this is going to be somewhere near the Trick, DW9000 and Axis Longboard price range.

I gotta try one of these pedals out though. I always have liked a more direct drive pedal and this thing looks like it might be something I would really be into.

I didnt see anything about a lefty version... but its so new that no one is even selling it yet so who knows.


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there were 2 pieces of gear I meant to test-drive at NAMM but missed, and that was one of them. Phooey! I really wanted to check it out.
totally forgot about it.


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I just tried one at a local shop and I was dissapointed, the pedal seemed really heavy, and the beater would go so far back after i hit the bass that it would lock up almost touching the pedal.....
i think it might have just been a straight up POS at the music shop tho cause it seemed beat up....