anyone heard of Headliner Percussion 3K crash?


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musicmaker136":bq8wzuyo said:
If Im Not Mistaken....Isn't That A Meinl Cymbal....The Last Time I Checked....

Mr. Blue
honestly I have no idea... I know little to none about Meinl cymbals. thanks though :)


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Probaly not the best of quality, but hell at that price it's worth a shot. Buy it until you can save up for another. But to answer your question I have never heard of this cymbal.


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for a little to no more, u can get a Paise 101 16 crash, which will be better than that. no offense, but that cymbal looks terribly low-quality and will sound like a trash can lid more than likely. the 101 aint the best, but it probably will get the job done better than this. good luck man.


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solar, planet z, 101, tosco, and headliner are all cheap brass...theyre not even bronze. they are terrible sounding cymbals and are never worth the money.