anyone have any truley great instructors?


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Has anyone here had any really great drum instructor who they really liked studying under?
I studied under my instructor for 7 years and I think he has so much knowledge and insight on drums and music in general. Hes a madman on the set when it comes to jazz or basically any other kind of music.


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I had a really great drum teacher for a while, he taught me basically everything I know now. He was a Public school Band teacher, so he was always doing some band thing, but he always made time to teach me, which was great, I think that was the best thing about him was that he was a great player but he loved teaching so much that he wanted to teach a former drum noob like me, and only for 25 bucks an hour. I know people who give lessons for like 50-75 for 45 min! :shock:

I used to have a band teacher also who was a proffesional percussionist, but I learned more from the other guy.