anyone ever use the digi 02?


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we only have the 8 track digital interface, but we can do virtual tracks. still learning, but if anyone has any advice on the digi 02 please give some feedback.


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the digi 002 is a great audio rack unit. we used it recently to record our EP. it has everything you'll need to record a band but you will need a mixer to record a full drum kit as it only has four line/XLR(mic) inputs. you can do it all in four, kick snare hihats and 1 really good over head. another con is the hefty price tag.

im currently lookin into the presonus firepod it has 8 mic inputs and is half the price. well worth the cash. it comes free with the LE (latest edition) of CUBASE. not as pretty as pro tools but does the same job.