anyone ever been screwed in a recording?


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To be honest it seems to happen to me alot and im freakin sick of it!!
However when it comes to laying down my drum parts im incredibly anal...or at least id like to be.
My band is in the middle of recording an album but for my parts we needed a room etc so it turned out i only had 1 day to lay down parts for 13 songs. I got through it but sacrificed the tightness i would have liked for an incredible drum sound!
Anyway, im always finding parts i dont like it the recordings but thats the OCD in me coming out.
The guy who recorded the drums actually cut the recording on most of the songs too early hence the cymbals dont ring out as they should.
Just really pisses me off that some wankers care more about money than a good result.
Anyone else have stories of being rammed up the ass in recordings???


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I usually have my parts worked out before I hit the studio to make sure I can nail the songs in as little takes as possible. Had a producer complain I was being too intricate and to clean it up so that he didn't have to spend too much time in pre-production. WTF....lazy producer.


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I've had pretty good luck in studios. I tend to roll with it a little bit, though. The more you record, the less you'll worry about tiny details. You'll figure out how to get a good drum sound faster, and what needs to be done on the front end of things to make the "getting the sound" portion go more quickly.

Of course, if you have a really rigid engineer who insists on spending a day to get your bass drum sound, it can be frustrating.


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What drummer hasn't been screwed over in the studio?

I've spent the time, and money over the years to develop my own drum room and recording studio for this very reason. Having all your other band members, the producer, interns .. and sometimes management types all staring at you makes the whole process a bit screwed. Sometimes I like to develop something that after a few hours of messing with it, gets scrapped altogether. Usually a waste of time and money.

Not in your own studio.

I know not everybody has the means to do such .. and I'm by no means a wealthy person. But start making your way towards that if you want to be able to spend as much time on a part as you can. You'd be surprised with what you're able to achieve with even rudimentary equipment and DAW skills.

Now, I get sessions from the producer (regardless of what DAW they're using) .. all the files in WAV format, with the proper tempos and such. The result is my ability to spend hours on something, think about it for a day or two .. then go back to it. Ending up with a final product that I'm much happier to put my name on.

Without this, making sure you're 99.9% happy with your ideas, and are capable of playing them to a click before you enter the studio is of utmost importance.

Hope it doesn't happen again .. good luck!