anyone else seen Thomas Lang live?


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i just got back from a clinic he did and it was absolutley mind blowing. the things this man does makes me want to quit playing drums and take my own life. 40 minute drum solo!
here are a few pics i snapped of his set. sorry for the quality as it was taken with my phone.



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I was wandering around the NAMM show early Thursday evening and came across the Roland booth. They had a huge V-kit set up in front that I thought I recognized. As I was checking it out, Thomas walked out and proceeded to do his half-hour demo/solo. Got a nice front-row view of it.
It was the one day we forgot to bring the camera- I think my wife has a cell-phone shot or two, but we haven't figured out how to get them off the phone yet...

JC Wonder

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I actually saw him earlier this month. He is great man. He also did the 40 minute hard-pounding solo at this clinic also. Great experience.