Anyone else in love with Black Panthers


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love is a strong word but really i really like them
a bit pricey but not really for what you get compared to other high end companys snares
i have a 14x6.5 maple black laquer one with black die cast hoops
and a 12x7 maple and cherry one
both are amazing


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i have the Deep forest 14x6,5 cherry wood OMG that sweet beast!!
also a have a bp steel 14x5,5 great snare too!


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I so want to get a Black panther snare. I really want the hand hammered bronze snare man that baby looks sweet.


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I used to really want one and I still do. I plan on getting a new snare and a year or so, but I might go Medicine Man.


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Have tried a few, like their Walnut and Cherry shell.. I really love them! I might be getting them after I've got my MedicineMan! :mrgreen:


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I have really got into them of late. 8)
Using two right now, a 14 x 5.5" Bird's Eye Maple and last week, I added a Natural Maple 10x5.5" side snare.

I'd like a third, a Cherry 14x5.5" with 24K Gold Plated hardware - lovely sound.