Anyone belong to the union.


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Hello Any drummers out there belong to the union?

I am originaly from the bay area. been playing for 20 plus years. Played from thrash, metal, fusion, lounge, jazz even country. Completed a couple small tours of the west and gulf coast. I have moved to vegas a few years ago and am having trouble sifting through all the B.S. finding quality gigs. I have concidered joining the local musicians union to see if this will help. Has anyone out there been in the union? And if so what are your thuoghts?



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I'm in the musicians union. Not bad, doesn't really do much for me atm, but I know if I need help with anything, they're right there :)

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Im not in a union, but I work at a place were we do concerts, so I get in touch with a lot of bands (national, international, amature, professional) and that is nice too


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i never joined the local one here in the DFW are in TX. i never needed to though because once i started makin' $$ i just didn't see the need. in a place like vegas i would think it really could help you though.



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It seems to me that the people who do belong to the union have a lukewarm attitude about it whereas others who oppose it are adamant
There are several songs where Zappa talks about the unions
The most obvious being "Stick Together" where Zappa says "It 'aint no better, they's makin' it worse, the labor movement got the Mafia curse"
His book also explains the headaches he encountered while trying to work with symphonies
Evidently the British musicians unions were not very friendly to Mr Z

I have no personal experience myself