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I am thinking about getting a TD-3 Series as they are the V drums quality without the price to go with it?

do they compare for the top of the range TD-20 or no where near?

I can get a TD-3 for a bargain so I'm sure it would be stupid not to!

Any views?

Durability? Sounds?

and anything I should really worry abou?



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played it at a gc and im in the process of saving for it. its tremendous very easy to understand module and all the kits sound great highly recommend it


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The TD3 brain is the least sophisticated of the Roland kits but it works for me. Plenty of preprogrammed kits and some other nice features for practicing. I use my kit to keep the cops from my door when it's too late in the day to annoy my neighbors with acoustic drums :evil: and use the brain live, triggering certain sounds from it with a Pintech Nimrod (yes, that's really it's name) Tubular Electronic Percussion Pad.
The worst sounds in my opinion are the cymbal pads. Some drummers have said that they split the bass drum pad but I've owned my kit for 3 years and never had any issues with it.


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VOLAR":6yn6bhi5 said:
use the brain live, triggering certain sounds from it with a Pintech Nimrod
I loves me some Nimrods! Pintech got that one right.


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I've owned one for a about a year now and have had ZERO complaints. I'm a pretty hard hitter, atleast that's what the guys in the band say, and the TD3 is holding up. Only now, the rubber rim on the snare is starting to wear down. I only use it though for practice and to recording ideas, setting it up is cake! Like VOLAR said, it's the least sophisticated of the V-Drums series, so it depends on what you want to do with it and what you want to get out of it. I will say that the sounds and samples blow away the yamaha dtxreme series. I still prefer the ergonomics and organic feel of an acoustic kit, but still, the vdrums and great.

keith bushey

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I bought 2 TD-3 kits and combined them into an 8pc kit with a remote Hi-hat. Also bought another Kick pad to use as my pedal clave'. I love the sound, quallity, and simplicity of the kit. Now when practicing at home in my studio, I'm not sacrificing anything. I've got the double bass, my remote hi-hat, 5 cymbols, 5 toms, a pedal-clave', cow bell, etc. This kit really performs!!!