any tips on a new setup.

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that's picture is suuuuuuper small
i can't really tell where anything is
if you go to photobucket, or have a picture program on your comp
you can re-size it without pixelating(i don't think that's a real word) it

make it bigger and i'll be glad to help


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K, i'm gonna explain this the best I can...

for your bass drum mounted toms

pull your tom arms up
put your toms on the arms side by side and flat, not facing each other
angle the toms 10-30 degrees
lower the toms so that your deepest tom is about a 1/2 inch above your bass drum
your floor tom looks fine how it is

besides that, everything else is personal preference. well, technically everything is personal preference, but you'll be able to play better with your rack toms put how I said to.


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thanks that helps alot dude. ive been wondering how to do it like that. i fiddle with it and i was like how the hell. i want some tom stands that attach to a cymbal stand.