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I was wondering ig anyone has ever heard of the band Ludo. I seem to be like the only one to know who they are which is odd becuase they are a local band from where I live but they've never gotten MTV air play so they're not "IN" but they play select states on warped tour and they tour constently. theyre like Weezer meets Reel Big Fish

Any way one of the reasons I posted this is was becuase there drummer Matt Palermo is one of the greatest drummers I've ever heard. He plays this incredibly complex stuff my brain can't even begin to comprehend.

Okay. maybe it's not that amazing but he does play some very complex things. And one thing he does is (and I've never heard any other drummer do it) he does fills on his crashes. I'm not talking like Hawaii 5-0 here, straight up or straight down but where most people would to like a small mabe 2 tom fill he does it with crashes. I'm not really sure why this amazes me but it just ads a very unique sound to his drumming. So pretty much what I'm Doing is trying to get P-mo recognized like Screamkevin gets Saluda's recognized. check them out at and

and their new vid

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and about him.

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The guy to the right of the singer is actually their guitarist but he is how I picture SGarret. but with a goatee. and older. much older.