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The Heel

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Well, I guess I would be hypocritical if I were to judge every drummer who's asked advice on here without giving example of my own play.

These are tracks from a live show a few years ago. The mix is done from recording from the board so its not the best mix, but for this genre of music, it is the best current recording of me playing this style of music live.

Next I'll add rock, but this is a good place to start.

The first track is a straight R&B song from Tara Michelle, who is a very talented singer and former back up singer for Lauren Hill, and current John Legend back up singer, whom we were lucky enough to have sit in for keys and back up vocals on this particular night. ... 1-mp3.html

The second track was our first song of the night, and I was called on to force the action a little during the chorus to keep the pulse moving.

The third song is another R&B song, that I really enjoyed playing.

The advice and comments from other drummers I feel is a vital part of improving your own play. Which is one of the reasons I give advice from my own experience when they ask for it.

Any and all comments are welcome and appreciated.