Any advice???


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From the look of the room I expected poor audio but you have a nice drum sound and it shows in the video. Your drumming has a fluid sound, something that is important to me.

At first I was worried when I couldn't see the drums.

The Heel

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You're ahead of the beat. A lot of young drummers have a hard time sitting down on the pocket.

You're ability to play isnt in question here, but you do rush and you play ahead of the pocket. You dont have to believe me... put a metronome on and watch how fast the song is on the verse compared the guitar solo... we're talking major beats per minute here.

I would try to play behind the beat a little. Just a little. That would get you right on the beat it seems.

The realization to sit down on the pocket would make a drastic difference in the overall feel of the band and the song.

Your kit sounds good. Keep it up.


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Just alittle to fast on the beat there, but you did do a good job. OOO and great kit by te way, sounded great


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thanks guys for the imput... by the way that was taken two years ago and yes I alway had trouble staying in the pocket but since i have improve... hopefully i can get a new video and hopefully sound better 8)