Any Advice as to


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Mild dish-soap and water for the shells, and "Buckaroo" for the hardware. Clean the hardware first, unless you remove it altogether. Sometimes I find windex does pretty good on the shells too. Best bet, whatever you use, try it on the bottom of your bass drum shell first,that way if it screws it up, you can hide it. :wink:

dave lynch

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I use this stuff called Meguiars Mirror Glaze...It's for cars..Alot of people use it on real expensive cars..My bro uses it on his old restored Indian works great for me..Oh and use 100% cotton clean rags..It works great on the chrome too...Anyway that's what I use on my Starclassic can see them on my mspace, but I hadn't cleaned all the chrome on that rack and stuff at that time cuz I was readjusting my tom possitions when I took some of those pics...!!