Antonio Sanchez!!!!


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Without a doubt, probably one of the most techinically and musically gifted drummers of today.

I first saw him on Austin City Limits with Pat Metheny. I didn't know who either of them were at the time, but jeez!!! This was my reactions to Sanchez, in order:
1.Not bad, wonder who he is.
2.Phew, damn, that's hot, who is this guy?
3.Jesus (expletive deleted), who is this (expletive deleted) guy?

Amazing. Then I saw his Modern Drummer Festival '03 footage, and was further blown away. Then I bought the Way Up by Pat Metheny, and even more boundaries were pushed!

I'll put it out there that he may be one of the best living drummers today.
What do yous guys think of Mr. Sanchez's contributions to the instrument?