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The guys at the Remo board all pitched in and bought one of my snare drums for the moderator. Here's his review of it.

First I would like to thank everyone for their kindness, thoughts and donatons. Special thanks to PWC for coming up with the idea, and ModernDrummer for spear heading the campaign.

First impressions:

Right when I opened the box and sifted through the miles of newspaper I finlly got a glimpse of the brass rim. This was no ghetto brass rim. The quality just screams. Te finish was very well done with no blemishes whatsoever. The laquer was applied so well and has a glass like appearance. Top quality I tell you.
The drum was heavier then I expected and yet not so heavy it would be a burden to carry.
The throwoff was very smooth and operated beyond anything I have ever tried. I was very impressed with the the action. You twist the adjusment knob a little bit and the snares move a little bit. Excellent response.
Now the shell was great. The sound edges are very well done and very well sanded. The snare bed was very well sanded nd very smooth. I did not take off the head but you could see how well it was done.

The Sound:
This baby is LOUD! I was shocked at the volume. I couldn't be more shocked lol. The response is incrediable. Play soft and it is soft play lod and it is very loud. The dynamics are so good that you don't have to do the old trick of playing near the rim to get the softer sounds. The sound is incrediable. it is a warm yet crisp sound. I sure will have fun getting all the sounds I can when playing with the tuning lol.

Overall thi is a great drum. PJ needs to quit drumming and become an drum artist lol. I love this drum so much. I do plan on building a hardshell case for it and protect this baby! PJ you should be proud of what you have done here you are truely an artist.


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maybe you could mention what drum it was, tell us a little about it


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It's a 6x14 poplar shell snare drum, 10 ply with a honey blonde lacquer finish and brass hardware. Here's a pic of it. I've posted it on here before.



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I lowered the price for this because the members of the board all chipped in to buy it for the mod. My snare drums start out at $300.00.


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That makes two reviews in a row where the bearing edges of the Medicine Man drum are cited as being of superb quality. I cannot stress enough the importance of that particular detail, and that the drum I reviewed had bearing edges that were absolutely flawless. This is hard to find on drums that cost four to five times as much as his.

Like I've said before... (or should have, anyways) P.J. makes really outstanding drums for a fraction of the price of the well-established brands.

Anybody that is looking for an upscale snare drum sound that doesn't have upscale money to spend is a fool if they don't have P.J. make them a drum. If you HAVE the big bucks to spend, then you should consider buying one of his drums and use the money you save to buy more cymbals... and stands... and Trick double kick pedals!